About Tracy

Tracy Enos is one of the world’s top LinkedIn Experts and a single Mom of 4. She has helped 1000’s of business owners generate new business, become the authority in their industry, and stay front of mind with their clients.

Her journey as a LinkedIn expert started in 2012. After being laid off twice in four years from corporate America, Tracy was having trouble getting traction in her online marketing agency. She was doing the usual things to attract clients like networking and going to Chamber of Commerce meetings and nothing was working.

She then turned to LinkedIn and was able to attract a consistent and steady flow of clients without paid advertising. She has since helped clients all over the globe generate millions of dollars in business too without spending a cent on paid advertising.

In July of 2015, she sustained 3rd-degree burns, a 6-day stint in the burn unit, and 5 surgeries in 9 months. She wrote her first article the following October. It was featured in LinkedIn Pulse and generated five figures in just two hours of work. Had she not had the foundation built prior to this tragic event, her business would have folded.

Her LinkedIn expertise has garnered her considerable media attention including podcast appearances, guest articles in major publications and trade magazines, and speaking gigs. She has shared the stage with marketing geniuses, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Levesque, Dave VanHoose, Dustin Mathews, Rich Schefren, and Danny Fingeroth (Marvel Comics).