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Unlock the Countless Opportunities for Your Business Publishing on LinkedIn. Brand Your Business, Sell Your Products and Services with Ease, Get Speaking Engagements, and Media Attention. Get Your Articles to Work Harder For You!

You question if it will work in your market

You have an inherent advantage in your market, simply because you are more familiar with it.

So if you take your knowledge of your specific market and your specific prospects, and you learn to create good content (it doesn’t have to be GREAT content… even good content will completely CRUSH your competition), then you have the recipe for big-time LinkedIn Publishing success.

You think you need to be a LinkedIn Influencer or Guru

In your market, you probably don’t need that amazing content. If your content is 80% as good as the super-guru or influencer content, then you are going to clean up… and CRUSH your competition.

And let me tell you – it isn’t very hard to get your content 80% as good as that super-hero or influencers content.

Your article is published but no one is reading it

This is something that so many people mess up.

The big problem for most people is that they push “publish”, and that’s it, so they don’t do anything, they just throw the article out there and HOPE for the best.

It’s not a “build it and they will come strategy.”

You build value, expertise, and solutions in your published article… then you need to cross-promote it.



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      Wanting to expose my consulting business to more professionals while launching my Executive Lifestyle Coaching, I knew that I needed to revamp my LinkedIn Profile. So happy I found Tracy to help me accomplish my goal! She was very thorough in her approach to walking me through the process by doing a deep dive into my skill sets and how to best represent them in my Profile. I have had many compliments on the Profile from friends, clients, and new prospects.

      Walt Cameron

      Founder, Cambridge W Consultants

      I consider Tracy Enos one of the world’s leading authorities on LinkedIn. In fact, for the last 3 years, she’s been the brain (and brawn) behind my LinkedIn marketing funnel. When Tracy and I started working together, my account had a measly 260 connections and it hadn’t been updated in 3 years. In a short 5 months, she added over 4,500 targeted connections and generated 400 leads coming through a landing page she helped me create.

      Ed Rush

      Former F-18 Fighter Pilot & Top Gun Instructor, 5x Best-Selling Author

      Tracy helped me to realize that I am creating a business, not just a service. The foundational work we are doing is absolutely critical and so mind-changing for me. I am discovering aspects of the service I am creating that I had NEVER thought of before with the work Tracy and I are doing together. Tracy’s direction and expertise are a game-changer for my concepts. I am very thankful for this opportunity to continue working with Tracy Enos!

      Michele Bond

      CEO & Exercise Physiologist

      The minute I spoke to Tracy, I knew she was my go-to person. Her no-nonsense razor-sharp focus and results-driven attitude really impressed me. We followed her step-by-step action plan. And after only a month, we would be noticed by decision-makers in a very competitive industry who normally would never have given us the time of day. Connect with Tracy for your LinkedIn profile makeover.

      Haydee Antezana

      Best-Selling Author, Branding & Image Consultant, Haydee Antezana Int'l

      Tracy’s Blog

      LinkedIn: What You MUST Do Before Creating or Revamping Your Profile

      LinkedIn: What You MUST Do Before Creating or Revamping Your Profile

      Why is your profile so important? In nearly a decade since I have been on LinkedIn, the platform has grown from 187 million to over 575 million members. What was once a place to add your online resume has now morphed into the largest professional networking platform...